Speed Cinch® Black 18″ Stakes (3-Pack)



“The Large Speed Cinch 18-Inch Stake is a durable, virtually indestructible nylon staking device with integrated Speed Cinch technology. The Speed Cinch 18-Inch Stake revolutionizes outdoor staking tasks by adjusting and holding the working ends of ropes, lines, and cords quickly, securely and without the time and frustration of tying and untying knots.

Landscapers, campers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and property owners will find the Speed Cinch 18-Inch Stake to be a versatile, durable, low-cost tool for anchoring. Made of impact grade, thermoplastic, glass-filled polymer staking device with integrated Speed Cinch technology can be used for tents, tarps, trees up to 6in in diameter, shrubs, outdoor shelters, canopies, sports nets, portable hunting blinds, light landscaping, holiday year decorations.

Secures up to a 175-lb load. Includes (3) 18″” black stakes.”

Model: SCSL18BK-3

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