SlotLock 18-Inch Tree Stake Kit



SlotLock 18-inch tree kit anchoring spike with SlotLock Technology (SL18-3B). The perfect stake for landscaping, inflatables, tents, lawn, and ground blinds.

  • NO MORE KNOTS: Slotlock Technology holds the working ends of ropes, lines, and cords quickly, securely and without a knot.
  • ULTRA STRONG: SlotLock has been tested and approved to tightly secure your anchoring task with the strongest knot available.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: SlotLock is constructed of Permalon, a premium, impact-grade, glass-filled, thermoplastic polymer that is virtually indestructible and impervious to the cold.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Slotlock is a perfect stake for tents, inflatables, lawns, yards, deer blinds, landscaping, irrigation, gardens, and more.
  • KIT INCLUDES: Three 18-Inch stakes with three 10 ft. straps
  • Model: SL18-3B


SlotLock has Reinvented the anchoring stake

The anchoring stake. It’s been around since man had a rope. Tent stakes. Blind stakes. Tree stakes and more. If you need to anchor something down, you pound a stake into the ground. And then you tie on the rope or cord. The anchoring stake has not really changed in forever. Until now. SlotLock Technology eliminates the need for knots.

Like any other stake, you pound the SlotLock stake into the ground. But that’s where the similarities end. Then, instead of tying your rope or cord to the stake, you feed it through the barrel and lock it into the slots. That’s right. No more tying knots just to find out the rope is too short or too long, meaning you’ll have to untie it and re-tie.

Perfectly tight every time. Do it in the dark or with your gloves on

With SlotLock stakes, because there is no knot to tie, you get the right tension every time. And, if you do happen to re-adjust, you simply unlock, pull tight and re-slot the rope. You can do this in the dark or with your eyes closed. You can even do this with your gloves on. And, unlike knots that loosen as you tie them, with the SlotLock System, you can keep tension on the line as you lock it into the slot.

Premium components. Built to last.

SlotLock stakes come in two sizes; 9-inch and 18-inch, and are constructed of Permalon, a premium, impact-grade, glass-filled, thermoplastic polymer that is virtually indestructible and impervious to the cold. The SlotLock system actually allows you two locking options. After feeding the 1/8” to 1/4” rope or cord through the barrel, you pull it into the slot on the end of the barrel and then, for quick locking, across both slots on the opposite end. Alternatively, for double secure locking, you run the rope or cord back through the barrel and slot it again.

Every bit as strong and secure as any knot

Do not underestimate the strength or reliability of SlotLock versus your knots. Tests show that SlotLock holds as well as, and is every bit as strong as any knot. It’s just a whole lot easier to secure and unsecure. As we like to ask, “Why tie a knot when you can lock it in a slot?”

Guaranteed satisfaction

We are so confident that you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use SlotLock anchoring stakes with SlotLock Technology that we guarantee your satisfaction.

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