Elevators Structural Screws



Elevators 1/4 x 2-1/2” Structural Lag Screws feature SPAX PowerLag design and thread technology. No pre-drilling, drive faster, and easier than conventional lags and other structural screws. Made in the USA (1 Box Contains 50 Screws)

  • BUILT ON WASHER: 0.697” Head design eliminates the need for a separate washer
  • NO PRE-DRILLING: Allows for faster, easier installation
  • BUILT TOUGH: Heat Treated to Grade 5 durability with a High Corrosion Resistant Coating. 1,169 Lbs of Tensile Strength, 766 Lbs of Shear Strength.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Elevator Structural Screws can be Used on Pre Treated Wood to Build Deer Blinds, Treehouses, Swing Sets, Observation Towers, Hunting Platforms, and More!
  • PATENTED DESIGN: Features SPAX patented thread technology
  • BUILD BETTER PLATFORMS: Elevators Structural Lag Screws were Designed to Work with Elevators Brackets to Ensure the Safest and Strongest Platform Combination Available
  • BIT INCLUDED: T-30 Bit Included in Each 50ct. Box of Elevators Lag Screws
  • MADE IN THE USA: Elevators Structural Screws are the Made in the USA by SPAX

Elevators Structural Screws by SPAX PowerLags offer an unparalleled level of fastening efficiency, reliability, and value for structural wood assemblies and heavy carpentry. The lag screw is available in a 1/4 x 2-1/2” size that includes use in treated lumber. PowerLags’ patented thread technology makes installation faster and easier, with connections that are building code recognized. Why settle for conventional lags or structural lag screws with a limited selection and narrow application?

SPAX PowerLags offers the largest selection of code-recognized structural wood-to-wood fasteners in the industry. Featuring SPAX patented thread technology, they require no pre-drilling, and drive faster and easier than conventional lags and other structural screws.

  • Code listings ICC-ES No. ESR-1782
  • Heat treated to Grade 5 durability
  • Available in a 50ct. and 1/4 x 2-1/2” size
  • Patented thread serrations require up to 40% less driving torque to increase installation speed while helping prevent cracking in logs
  • Built-on washer head designs eliminate the need and extra cost of a separate washer

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