Outdoorsman 5X6 Gun/Bow Combo Hunting Blind


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Shadow Hunter 5×6 Hunting Blind for Gun and Archery, Rust-Proof Aluminum Exterior with Rodent and Waterproof Flooring.

  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE CONSTRUCTION: Shadow Hunter blinds all feature premium, construction-grade ShadowTech aluminum siding. This ensures a lifetime of no-maintenance hunting.
  • TOTAL COMFORT: Under the aluminum siding, you’ll find a wooden structure, just like on your home. The wooden walls, floor, and ceiling are all insulated with a premium one-inch foam that ensures you’ll stay warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm.
  • SOUND AND SCENT CONTROL: Multi-layer construction dampens sound, making the blind remarkably quiet. Plus, the blind is built tight for superior scent containment as well as being wind/weatherproof.
  • SILENT WINDOWS: (6) of the 24.5” X 14” ALL NEW 2-in-1 Shadow Hunter Silent Shadow
  • STAY DRY: Rodent-proof mesh flooring that keeps rodents from chewing and factory-coated with a commercial-grade acrylic waterproofing for long-lasting durability.
  • MADE IN THE USA: every Shadow Hunter Blind is carefully assembled in the USA to get the most out of your outdoor experience.

Professional Grade Hunting Blind!

The Shadow Hunter Outdoorsman 5×6 blind is a high-performance hunting blind built like a builder would build a low-maintenance house – with aluminum siding and wood and premium insulation. This proven approach, as opposed to the cheap fiberglass or laminated plastic our competitors use. The 5×6 blind is perfect for 2 people — all-season design. Dual horizontal gun/crossbow shooting windows on both sides with an interior peak height of 77”.

Built to Last & Maintenance Free!

Meticulous construction and superior quality using commercial-grade materials are what gives Shadow Hunter supreme durability and unmatched longevity in the field.  New rust-proof embossed aluminum exteriors in a new hunter green color, fully insulated walls, flooring equipped with acrylic water-proof treatment, rodent-proof underbody protection and the industry’s top window system makes the Shadow Hunter maintenance free!

Effective Innovation!

Our relentless commitment to innovation allows YOU to become a Shadow Hunter so you can hunt like a Pro!  Decades of testing, development, in-field use, and product development input from some of the most-skilled professional hunters fuel the innovation in our Shadow Hunter designs. The 5×6 blind features a 32” door opening and 6 Silent Shadow Windows that fully protect your vantage point with scent and sound containment while providing the sniper-like concealment necessary to execute the perfect shot!

Total Comfort!

Our commitment is to your comfort!  Shadow Hunter blinds incorporate functionally effective Total Comfort Systems with standard features and several useful upgrade options to ensure a safe, warm, comfortable and successful hunting experience.

Elevate Your Shadow Hunter Blind!

Shadow Hunter doesn’t stop at just providing you the industry-leading hunting blind.  Elevate your Shadow Hunter blind using our patented Elevator bracket system.  Then, complete the package with our new Adjustable Ladder Platform.

Shadow Hunter Outdoorsmen Series 4×6 Hunting Blind

The Shadow Hunter Outdoorsmen 5×6 Kit Blind is extremely versatile and the perfect solution for hunters that need to locate a blind in a hard to reach hunting spot.  Shadow Hunter kit blinds have the same design features as our fully assembled blinds and are built to the same craft & quality standards. The modular panels of the Shadow Hunter Outdoorsmen Series Kit Blinds are crated for easy transport to your site, and the blinds are designed for quick and easy assembly allowing you to partner with us to build the ideal Shadow Hunter blind for your hunting demands in the perfect spot.



Fully Insulated Walls & Ceilings
Interior Peak Height 77”
Wood Grain Aluminum Rust Proof Exterior
Rodent Proof Flooring
Shadow Hunter Silent Window System
Upper and Lower Air Vents
Double Coat Hook
Total View® 360 Blind Windows
Product Assembly Instructions
Shadow Hunter Blinds Features
  • Upper and Lower Air Vents

  • Water and rodent proof acrylic floor

  • Long Lasting Durable Aluminum Exterior

  • Customizable Options Available

  • New Larger 24.5" x 14" Window

  • 77" Roof Height

  • Extra-large doors

Product Video