Ted Nugent

To millions of music lovers, Ted Nugent has carved a permanent place in rock & roll history as the guitar-shredding showman, selling more than 40 million albums, performing more than 6,500 high-octane concerts, and continuing to set attendance records at venues around the globe.

To further millions, Nugent is the nation’s most outspoken proponent of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, conducting thousands of pro-gun, pro-freedom, pro-America interviews in major media worldwide.  He has served continuously on the Board of Directors of the NRA since his initial election in 1995, where he consistently earns among the highest number of votes received by an individual board member.

Nugent is widely acknowledged for his skills as an outdoorsman, and for his tireless promotion of bow hunting and conservation via his writings for numerous publications and websites, his New York Times best-sellers Ted, White & Blue:  The Nugent Manifesto and God, Guns and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and his award-winning Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television show—seen exclusively on Outdoor Channel--where he proudly serves as Ambassador for the network.