Hal Shaffer & Greg Zipadelli

Team Drop Zone TV is the brainchild of veteran Outdoor Channel personality Hal Shaffer and two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion crew chief Greg Zipadelli. Since their first encounter on a hunt in Kentucky seven years ago, the duo are now close friends who share a common passion for the outdoors. Team DZ is never staged or simulated - it truly is what it is: a half-hour of fun, excitement and priceless knowledge for hunters of all skill levels. Team DZ features breathtaking footage shot in high definition by the experienced DZ production team. In each episode Greg, Hal and the crew bring to the viewer true life adventures that delivers the best of North American hunting and outdoor entertainment. Each week Outdoor Channel viewers gain insight into the mind and life of one of NASCAR’s most successful and celebrated crew chiefs.

What Team DZ Says About Shadow Hunter Blinds

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