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The Preferred Hunting Blind System

Our quality today is every bit as good as it was more than two decades ago when we set out to build the best blinds ever made. More than 20 years later – that same vision, motivation and relentless dedication to perfection still remains with the original professional grade blind that stands the test of time. Shadow Hunter hunting system remains legendary in the industry, and adopted by hunting pros and sportsmen everywhere. Learn more about Shadow Hunter Blinds and other Shadow Hunter products.

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Shadow Hunter Blinds: Through The Years

Building a quality brand isn’t easy in any industry. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and listening to the feedback of your customers, both good and bad, and adjusting as needed. Soon, your product exceeds expectations and you become an industry leader in offering quality products at a competitive price.

The same is true of Shadow Hunter and our quality hunting blinds. We pride ourselves on offering the blind of choice for both Professionals and Outdoorsmen alike and look forward to serving you in the future. Here’s a sneak peek at Shadow Hunter throughout the years as we have grown.

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The first Shadow hunter blind is built in Marcellus, Michigan for personal use.


The Silent Shadow Window System is developed. This system is the first of its kind that includes an exterior shield and an inner glass track system.


The first order of Shadow Hunter Blinds is sent to a dealer beginning our valued dealership network.


Elevators are invented and patented revolutionizing the way hunters elevate hunting blinds and platforms forever.


The Shadow Shanty is developed giving ice fishermen a warm option for winter time fishing activities.


Window kits hit the market for the do-it-yourself blind builders.


Wild Vinyl blinds are introduced and offered in three different camo patterns. The vinyl rolls also become available to do-it-yourself blind builders.


The Crossbow Blind is introduced to provide wide windows for crossbow hunters. These blinds are also an excellent crossover for gun hunters as well.


Octagon Blinds are introduced to allow more viewing and shooting angles then ever before. The corner window system innovation is the first of its kind.


Company is sold and moves production to Fort Wayne, IN.


Kit blinds are introduced for mobility to get into hard to reach places.