Predator Hunting Tactics

April 3, 2020

Coyote Hunting Tactics Coyotes are known to be one of the world’s most adaptable animals. For this reason, they’re unpredictable. They survive by being resilient, which can make them tough to hunt.  You can’t pattern coyotes the way you might pattern whitetail, but the team at Shadow Hunter is here to help. Here are a […]

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Cold Weather Blind Tips

November 13, 2017

Pro Tips With Tom Nelson Presented by Shadow Hunter Blinds When Mother Nature decides to show her ugly side come late November, as a hunter I really appreciate my Shadow Hunter blinds at this time of year. Late November and December means blustery winds and frigid temps across whitetail country. While at times, many hunters […]

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Does Scent Control Work?

October 27, 2017

Pro Tips With Rick Philippi Presented by Shadow Hunter Blinds Being a die-hard archery hunter for 48 years, the one most important factor that I have come up with in being a successful hunter is controlling your scent! You will be amazed at how many larger and older bucks you will see if you give […]

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Pro Tips with Tom Nelson

October 9, 2017

Pro Tips With Tom Nelson Presented by Shadow Hunter Blinds It never too late to place a Shadow Hunter blind in your hunting area. Sure, the longer it’s in place the sooner deer will acclimate themselves to it, but you can speed up this process by simply adding some natural cover to the outside of […]

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Blind Preparation With Rush Outdoors

September 5, 2017

Blind Preparation With Rush Outdoors Presented by Shadow Hunter Blinds We have all talked about the importance of getting comfortable with our equipment before the season opens. For most of us we’re referring to our bows, rifles and shotguns. Unfortunately, the one piece of equipment that is often left out of this equation is our […]

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Turkey Hunting Tips

April 12, 2017

The High Road Turkey Hunting Tips Presented by Shadow Hunter Blinds By Keith Warren Here’s something that most serious turkey hunters overlook and it is critical to making sure the odds are in your favor. Even if you are the best caller around and have the bird come in offering a shot, can you make […]

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