SHB Recipe: Wild Turkey Recipe – Stove Top

May 16, 2016

Wild Turkey Piccata Italian Style (Stove Top) Here’s a great Wild Turkey recipe that we think you will love! 8 boneless turkey breast (6 to 8-ounces) medallions 2 standard cans of tomato sauce 1 container (8-ounces) of sliced or whole fresh mushrooms (We like to use whole fresh mushrooms and slice for the recipe) 2 […]

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SHB Recipe: Award Winning 3 Meat Chili

May 5, 2016

Award Winning 3 meat Chili Like most competition chili recipes, ingredients will be added in “drops,” or stages. This recipe has three drops. The best chili recipes use this method so you achieve the right amount of flavor at the right time. If you overcook or undercook some spices, they can be bitter. To ensure […]

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